Paul Estudios

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Some PaulEstudios works

1:25 Scale model reproduction of an ophthalmologist office.

1:25 (30x27cm) Scale model reproduction of an ophthalmologist office with phototextures.


WWII diorama datail.

1:16 scale WWII scene detail for a museum

Functional descriptive turbine scale model

Scale model turbine representation, the axis can be moved to explain how it works.

Architectural model scale of a ancient roman domus.

Volumetric color scale model of a Roman domus, model for exhibition.


Scale olive trees.

1:87 scale (5cm) olive reproduction for a representation of a crop field.


Own decoration scale house reproduction.

Scale reproduction of a particular house.


Coqueiros stadium light tower scale reproduction.

Stadium light tower reproduction with a wood base and a brass text plate, requested by the firma FUNTAM S.A as a retirement gift.