¿Need a special figure? ¿other scale? ¿other product? contact us and we will make it!

After PaulEstudios where Paúl Sánchez product designer creates custom models and reproductions, open the web shop PaulEstudios/juegos to make available their standardized and mass-produced products, starting with the creation of board games to kits paper models.

Each cards game goes through a process of creation that begins with the choice of the main theme,themes falling within a popular welcome and fantastic thematic, then there is a study of each of its components, how they interact each other to bring them to the game, is the key essence of each game deeply understand this aspect because success depends on it, Furthermore gameplay that fits with the main theme is created where the simple gameplay is paramount. To finish with carefully detailed artwork for each card.

Con el tiempo se sumaran mas proyectos de temáticas y mecánicas diferentes donde podrás escoger en una amplia gama de productos, ¡te invito a formar parte de esta aventura!

I will add more projects with different thematics and mechanics where you can choose from a wide range of products, I invite you to be part of this adventure!