Paul Estudios

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One figure, unlimited poses!

PaulEstudios has created this fantastic collection of paper figures fully customizable, download the file, printet and build according to the pose of the scene that is required, you can print as many as need.

With one new every month PaperHuman will be available at different scales and themes to create your own collection, Roman soldiers, Wild West, fighter pilots, tank crews and many more!, visit our ONLINE STORE to start your own collection!!!

Han Solo 1:33 scale

1:64 scale steam engineer figure

Papermodel pilots

Full 3D shape bodies

1:48 US NAVY sailors

1:200 scale figures

Original and reproduction of a timer for a retirement gift

Reproduction of a timer converted to Radio

Reproduction of a museum object

scale soviet paper pilots

Usaf 1:33 paper pilots

Paper model pilots